Brand Strategy and Marketing   

Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club


Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club (SCO 42797),  aim to make the communities in Fife safer by providing a controlled area for children, young people and adults to enjoy off-road motorcycling.

The high adrenaline fuelled motorcycle activities help to reduce anti-social and illegal use of off-road motorcycles and we seek to change behaviour, attitudes and values through education.

Community Enterprise supported the organisation to develop and design a promotional marketing leaflet which has been used to raise awareness of their work, attract support and funding and widespread involvement. 

Marketing and promotional leaflet

Support to raise awareness of the organisation


"The work Community Enterprise has done with our organisation is great, we certainly would not be where we are now, without their professional business support. We'd highly recommend them they are they're for the long haul too, always at hand when your organisation grows to the next challenge."

Kingdom Offroad Motorcycle Club