Carers of West Lothian Social Impact Evaluation

Livingston | 2022 | Commission

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, COWL wanted to reflect back on its performance but also consider its future direction.  It was important to understanding new needs of its service users following the pandemic and changes in health and social care and how the organisation needed to pivot.  We explored policy and demographic changes, consulted with people who had worked with COWL or been supported by them (including young people) to understand the difference their services have made.  We also consulted with carers and disabled adults more widely to understand how services could be shaped to better meet needs. 

Boost to staff morale receiving performance feedback

Clear strategy for the Board

Strong evidence to take to funders and commissioners


"Always a pleasure to work with Community Enterprise. They understood our brief, and because they know the third sector so well and really understood the challenges facing the health and social care sector that we work in, they pitched the research at different audiences in the right way to ensure great engagement. Enjoyed the whole process and we're already using the completed research report to drive our strategy over the next 5 years."

Alison Wright, CEO