Creative Natives   

Creative Natives - Pol's Story


Pol is a young transgender individual (They) who had just been diagnosed as having ASD and left school after a lengthy period of non-attendance due to bullying and experiencing substantial mental health issues including anxiety, depression and coming to terms with their recent transition and resulting ‘label’. 

Pol is very creative and wanted to take this artistic interest further. Once Pol felt confident enough at attend without a parent they asked if they could continue to bring their Emotional Support Dog. Jack has attended Creative Natives ever since!

The next step for Pol will be creating a website and an online shop where they can sell their work as they feel a conventional work environment wouldn’t be feasible.


"Attending Creative Natives has changed everything and that it’s the first project they have gone to where they feel totally accepted and that CN actually do what you said you would, ensuring a relationship based on trust is always maintained."

Pol, Creative Natives Participant