Creative Natives   

Creative Natives - Alan's Story

Edinburgh | 2020

Alan had been given a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and had disengaged at school. He had become increasingly isolated, socially anxious, disconnected from his peers and had developed an unhealthy sleep routine so did not feel ready to apply for further education at that point for fear that these issues would cause him to disengage and fail.

Initially at CN, Alan was very shy and anxious but over time his confidence grew and his routine became more established and robust. Alan’s creative digital skills became more embedded and he enjoyed experimenting with creativity and most importantly working and learning in a group setting in a collaborative way with his peers.

With this natural friendship developed, something Alan had not experienced for many years and being in this holistic educational and social environment where he felt accepted, heard and valued hugely impacted Alan’s self-esteem and confidence in a positive life changing way. Now, Alan has achieved a place at Edinburgh University.


"He completed Creative Natives and grew enormously in confidence and gained new skills that has opened a surprising new door this month. He has just succeeded in getting a job through Community Jobs Scotland using precisely the the skills that Creative Natives and the team at Bold helped him develop. He was quite literally jumping for joy." 

, Creative Natives Participant's Mum