Local Place Plans and Community Action Plans

Define your communities vision

Local Place Plan

You may have been encouraged to have a Local Place Plan for your community. These are important and influential documents, but they are new and can be onerous for a community to deliver without guidance and support.

A Local Place Plan is rooted in new legislation so has some formality as it will be linked to the Council’s Local Development Plan. It is a document led by your local community which outlines your vision, priorities, and aspirations for the development and improvement of your area. We work alongside you to ensure local people contribute and the plan resonates with them but is also compliant with the legislation.

  • The key areas where we can support you are: defining visions and objectives, addressing land use and development ideas, community consultations, mapping and visualisation of the project, sustainability and environmental assessment and planning, cultural and heritage preservation considerations, legal planning, plans for monitoring and evaluation

Having been involved in few Local Place Plans across the country in this first wave, we are very aware of what is involved and can ensure you submit this to the planning authority in the right way but also that communities have had a direct say in the development and future of their neighbourhoods, enhancing community engagement, fostering a sense of ownership, and contributing to more sustainable and inclusive urban and rural environments. 


Community Action Plans

You may prefer to commission us to work with your community to create a Community Action Plan. A Community Action Plan is an important strategic document, but it is not linked to the planning legislation in the way that a Local Place Plan is. We can work with you to ensure the consultation is robust and engages the hardest to reach people where you live.  This will make sure that the Community Action Plan that emerges has projects that will make a real difference to the people in your community.

Your Community Action Plan, designed beautifully by our in-house graphic designers, will empower you to take control of the spaces and services that matter to you. The case studies here show that they are not documents that gather dust, but they can lead to positive changes in areas such as learning, wellbeing, economic development, the environmental, and bringing people together.

  • Key characteristics and components of a Community Action Plan include: needs assessment, goals and objectives, strategy development, stakeholder engagement, resource allocation, monitoring and evaluation, budget and funding strategy, a tailored timeline, marketing and communications planning, assessing how it aligns with existing plans.

Community action plans empower communities to take control of their own development and address issues that matter to them. They can lead to positive changes in areas such as education, healthcare, economic development, environmental sustainability, and social cohesion. Additionally, these plans promote community engagement and collaboration, fostering a stronger sense of unity and shared responsibility among community members.