Impact Assessments and Evaluations

Measure the effects, outcomes and impact of your organisation

We understand that it can be difficult to find the time to conduct impact assessments and evaluations of your work. Often it is done in response to funder demands. It is important that they are undertaken though, as they are vital to communicating the positive social, environmental and economic outcomes you create for your community and beneficiaries through the work that you do.

We are skilled at conducting sensitive and insightful impact assessments, we recently went through the process of conducting a 10 year impact assessment of our own work, so understand the challenges and the benefits it can offer.

  • The key areas where we can support you are: reviewing and redefining objectives and outcomes, data collection,qualitative and quantitative assessments, reviews of baseline data and data analysis, stakeholder interviews, cost benefit analysis, learning and development recommendations.

Impact assessments are valuable tools for demonstrating accountability to donors, stakeholders, and the public. They help organisations make evidence-based decisions, allocate resources effectively, and improve their ability to address social issues and meet their mission. Additionally, impact assessments provide valuable information for reporting and fundraising efforts, as they can showcase the tangible difference that is being made and that in turn can attract funding, volunteers, beneficiaries and partners.