Heritage Regeneration Projects

Using heritage assets and local stories to change your community

The new Historic Environment Strategy links heritage directly to making positive changes to place, the environment and wellbeing. Our experience has shown that developing heritage projects, important in themselves, has a massive positive effect on communities.  Whether you need support to take on a heritage asset or develop heritage strategy for your area or find a way to tell your story, we can support you to pull that together.

We have a close working relationship with the major heritage funders as well as the Heritage Trust Network and other national intermediaries.  We have worked across the UK but at a very local level on strategic heritage projects and can support you to complete your project effectively.

  • The key areas where we can support you are: developing plans for historic preservation or adaptive reuse, cultural and community engagement plans, financial strategies, marketing and communication plans, defining the economic and social benefits, environmental and sustainability plans, development of public and private partnerships to support the project, building evaluations and valuations, legal and regulatory analysis and planning. Monitoring and evaluation plans.

We know that heritage regeneration projects play a critical role in preserving your cultural heritage, reimagining urban and rural areas, and contributing to economic and social development. They balance the need for modern functionality with the preservation of historical significance, allowing your community to embrace the important things of the past while building for the future.