Grant Funding Strategy and Fundraising

Identifying and securing the money you need for the work you do

We know that you can’t do the great things you do without funding. Our funding strategy work is not a web search of what is available.  Rather we get to know you and your activities and match potential funding to your specific needs now and in the future.

We have a close working relationship with the biggest funders in Scotland and beyond and will be in direct contact with them to ensure the funding plan suggested is relevant, up to date and achievable. In challenging times, we know that we need to be innovative so we can support you with things like sponsorship, crowdfunding and community shares and we work closely with Community Shares Scotland.
The kind of strategy will depend on whether you need to fund a new project (perhaps for building purchase and renovation or money for new staff) or whether you need to resource your existing work. The primary goal of our funding strategies is to help you plan long term to free you up to deliver your core work.

  • The key areas where we can support you are: mission and goals development, needs assessment, grant opportunities research, developing a priorities list, grant application development, proposal writing, financial strategy, monitoring and evaluation planning.

Our well-defined funding strategy designed to your needs, will help you make informed organisational decisions, manage risk effectively, and secure the necessary resources. We often need to revisit it due to changing circumstances.  As well as this strategic thinking, we will undertake direct bid writing and have secured around £25m for clients in the last three years.