Business Plans and Sustainability Planning

Your roadmap to sustainability

You may need a business plan for yourself to help you plan, or you may have been asked by a funder such as the Scottish Land Fund or Community Ownership Fund to submit a plan.

The business plan we would work with you to deliver will be a comprehensive document that will set out what you will do, the change you will make, how it will be funded, how it will be managed and how it will be financially viable. It is a roadmap, helping you to define your vision, secure financing, and guide your growth and development.  It would be bespoke and unique to you and will respond to the circumstances you are working in. 

  • The key areas where we can support you are: market analysis, operational planning, marketing and communications strategies, finacial projections, funding requirements, SWOT analysis.

Business plans can vary in length and complexity depending on the purpose and audience. The business plan we support you with can guide the strategic direction of an organisation, secure funding, attract partners and volunteers and serve as a reference tool for decision-making and adapting to changing circumstances.