Asset Transfer and Building Development

We have been working on community asset transfers long before the current move towards community empowerment, and now spend a very significant amount of our time involved in capital projects.

The key areas where we can support you are: defining the purpose and benefit to the community, legal planning, a financial strategy, asset evaluation and valuation, community engagement, environmental and sustainability planning, governance planning, operational planning, monitoring and evaluation strategy.

We not only support you with the planning and securing of the asset, but we continue to work alongside groups once you own the asset to support you with implementation.  We have walked the journey with groups from initial idea to the cutting of the ribbon.  We can build a full team with architect, independent valuer and conditions surveyor to ease your journey.

We are highly experienced in the Community Asset Transfer guidance, legislation and processes and will help you work through that.  We have a close working relationship with relevant agencies such as the Community Ownership Support Services, Community Land Scotland and the Scottish Land Fund.

We have undertaken research in this area which can be seen here.

Our comprehensive support can help you work through a complex process to secure your asset.

We have seen communities really benefit from this with a greater pride in community, more and better services and re-invigorated neighbourhoods.   With many hundreds of assets becoming available, from churches to local authority buildings, there are huge opportunities that need to be thought through carefully.