Our Vision, mission and Values

Community Enterprise is a social enterprise and 100% of our profits are re-invested in supporting the further growth and development of social enterprises across Scotland. We have been working in communities across Scotland for over 35 years. Learn more about our vision, mission and values below.

What We Do Get Support Our Experience
Our Values

Our values influence who we work with, how we behave and how we all work together to a single vision. These things are important to us:

Building Relationships

We collaborate long term with organisations, becoming part of their team.  We support organisations for as long as it is helpful.

Empowering People

We equip people to develop their own ideas so that our work not only gives them what they need but delivers a lasting legacy.

Developing our Expertise

We deliver excellent work.  We are honest, reliable and highly experienced specialists, demonstrating integrity and constantly learning.

Dynamic Innovation

We embrace new ways of doing things and take risks when we need to.  We love people who think differently and don’t fit into pigeon holes.

Giving Back

We are a social enterprise ourselves and 100% of the profit from our work is further used to strengthen the sector.  We focus our free support on those in the greatest need, ensuring ideas are implemented and being there when things don’t go to plan.


We deliver specialist support, quality branding and specialist initiatives to make a real difference in communities across Scotland.

Increase social impact

We use beautiful design and creative solutions to help organisations increase their social impact, find their voice and make a real difference.

Provide specialist community support

We deliver the best specialist support to communities, social enterprises and the third sector. It is responsive, relevant and makes a clear difference.

Make a real difference

We deliver specialist support, quality branding and innovative solutions to make a real difference to communities across Scotland.

Create environments to thrive

We try out new ways of creating an environment where communities, social enterprises and the broader third sector can thrive.