Supporting the sector

We are a strategic part of the sustainable third sector. The organisations we work in partnership with, address critical societal needs, including poverty alleviation, healthcare, education, environmental conservation, and more. By providing support to individual organisations we are helping at a grassroots level but it is also essential that we support the sector as a whole. 

Working in collaboration with key policy makers and national partner organisations, allows us to advocate for policies and legislation that have greater benefits and positive outcomes for the sector. These partnerships can leverage resources and expertise to make a more significant impact.

We have identified six key ways in which we can achieve our goal of supporting the sector, you can find out more below about each of them.


Research and Thinking

Our research team delivers pieces of work that respond to the big issues facing our sector and aim to make a real tangible difference to organisations on the ground.

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We hold around four sector conversations a year...


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The Social Enterprise Map

Making it easier to find the right support at the right time, the support map is a free and interactive tool anyone can use.

Bold Studio Glasgow   Scot Gov

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Strategic Links

We are founding members of Social Enterprise Scotland...

  Social Enterprise Scotland Member

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Net Zero

We understand that the just transition to net zero is a fundamental part of our sector’s future...

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Responding to Consultations

We can harness 35 years of experience of on the ground work in communities to influence policy...

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