We're hiring! Communications and Marketing Lead

Communications and Marketing Lead

This is an exciting opportunity to fill a significant role with  Community Enterprise. We are a leading provider of support and consultancy to third sector groups across Scotland and beyond and work with communities to build and sustain projects for the benefit of local people.

We pride ourselves on our very strong reputation, the impact we have made and what we have learnt across Scotland over 30 years, but this is not well documented, articulated or communicated.  We are therefore seeking someone with knowledge and experience to help us pull together our stories, our impact and our learning and communicate that across the sector in Scotland and beyond.

We also have important support programmes that need to be communicated nationally to ensure good uptake. 

Job Purpose

The key roles are;

  1. To lead on communicating key messages and to raise awareness about Community Enterprise and all our divisions, nationally, UK-wide and internationally.  This will include the work of our development team, Bold, Creative Natives and any future project or programme.  To manage our presence, communicating our core work and services to the sector clearly and with a high level of engagement.
  2. To specifically help us market initiatives such as the Social Enterprise Support Map and our Accelerate
  3. To use our impact measurement story capture to articulate the difference we are making, short, medium and long term

This will involve taking the learning from our work, both historically and on an on-going basis and cascade that to the broader sector and to our partners and stakeholders.

  1. To support and resource the development and admin team to deliver communication in their day to day work (e.g. helping our development staff to increase survey response rates, attendance at events etc.) 


How to Apply

Please complete the attached application form

Email to janice@communityenterprise.co.uk

Closing date: 23/05/22 at 9am

Interview date: 30/05/22  Where you will be asked to present an example of a project, story or initiative that you have communicated effectively and what difference it made.

Further information

If you’d like to discuss the work of Community Enterprise or the post, please contact Douglas Westwater, CEO at douglas@communityenterprise.co.uk or Victoria Pearce, Development and Impact Manager at victoria@communtyenterprise.co.uk

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