Unbound The Greyhound Campaign

Bold Studios work on a wealth of projects every year, taking an innovative approach to brand development and strategic marketing. They work closely with clients to create beautiful, engaging and appropriate brands that are articulated using traditional design, digital and offline techniques to provide a tool kit of assets that builds confidence within the organisation and facilitates business growth. 

Most recently, they worked on a campaign with OneKind to end dog racing across Scotland. OneKind is a campaigning animal welfare charity based in Edinburgh. They have been fighting for the rights of companion, farmed and wild animals, as well as those in animal testing, since 1901. They came to us on the edge of a breakthrough in dog welfare, looking for a campaign to help close the remaining racing tracks and phase out dog racing across Scotland for good.  

The first part of Bold's brief was to establish the degree of public awareness and identify our key audiences. Through workshops with animal charities in the U.K. and the U.S, Scotland emerged as a renowned dog nation; this became a key building block to put toward the campaign’s success. It was pushing at an open door, requiring a simple but strategic concept to build on what audiences already instinctively knew: all dogs warrant the same degree of care as the ones we keep at home. 

Aware of shock-factor and its potential to negatively impact engagement, Bold opted for a gentler approach, combining hard hitting statistics with a friendly, illustrative aesthetic to ensure the campaign’s key messaging would land with as many people as possible. Presented in a storybook format, the impact of this was compounded by removing all human characters from the narrative - Bob the Greyhound tells his own story, focusing the audience’s attention on animal welfare as opposed to issues associated with dog racing outside of the brief.  

Unbound the Greyhound covered illustration, animation, copywriting and campaign development for out of home and social media; we then expanded it to a petition scratch card for handing out in areas surrounding the tracks, directly targeting those with an awareness of racing locally. In order to reveal the QR code and sign the petition, users had to scratch Bob the Greyhound’s back - this was a memorable and imaginative format to carry the CTA, maximising engagement to gain as many names as possible.  

Following an excellent reception at an awareness event on Buchanan Street, OneKind were invited by Lush to host in-store events at their Glasgow and Edinburgh branches in the lead up to the parliamentary letter delivery. 

The OneKind campaign showcases Bolds innovative and personalised approach to projects. If you are looking for a studio to help design and launch your campaign then make sure to contact them today.