Tech for Good

The whole Community Enterprise group – which includes Bold Studio and Breeze Digital- were at the Glasgow Social Enterprise Network digital festival this week in Glasgow, leading workshops and providing a chance for the sector to start to explore the importance of digital for what we do and how we do it. 

You might have heard the phrase ‘Tech for Good’ more and more, but what does tech for good mean? It is broadly defined as organisations, projects or even individuals who aim to deliver a positive impact on the world around us via digital tools. In 2020 the Tech for Good website was launched which has thousands of articles and podcasts about organisations and individuals who are making and using advancements in technology to create change for the environment and society.  

During the pandemic, many organisations saw the benefit of digitising their services, and as a result we saw increasing numbers of people coming to us for support in planning and implementing the move to a digital format. As a result, we formed Breeze Digital, the newest member of the Community Enterprise group. Breeze is here to empower third-sector organisations to go digital and support them in their journey to do so. They understand how confusing the digital world can be, especially if you don’t have a dedicated staff member to work on it each week, so they offer services such as: 

  • Digital Marketing Audit 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Campaign Support 
  • Platform Training: social media, Canva, Google Tools, WordPress, Analytics) 
  • Digital Solutions 
  • Software research: CRMs, booking platforms, e-commerce, donation etc 

 Breeze is part of the #techforgood movement, supporting organisations and individuals to achieve their mission of creating positive change for their beneficiaries. You can read about some of their most recent projects on our case studies page here 

Watch this space for a special digital event that Breeze Digital will be organising in the Autumn and just contact Sophie Riewoldt direct at