Public procurement strategy: 2023 to 2028

On April 27th, MP Tom Arthur (Minister for Community Wealth and Public Finance) launched the first Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland, it is part of the Scottish government's roadmap for a wellbeing economy in Scotland and deals with how we will procure goods, works and services. How we will promote inclusive economic growth, create fair opportunities for all, and accelerate our just transition to a net zero economy. 

We have worked with several clients over the years who have considered entering the procurement system, but they were always met with significant barriers, and often the time needed to meet all the criteria reduced the benefit. The new strategy addresses directlyhow the government will reduce these barriers for Third Sector organisations and put in mechanisms that help communities flourish as a result: 

  • ‘SMEs, Third Sector and Supported Businesses: Consider how procurements are conducted and contracts are developed, to reduce barriers and enable participation for SMEs, Third Sector organisations, and Supported Business, in Public Sector Procurement.’ 

  • ‘Good for Places and Communities: Maximising the impact of procurement with strong community engagement and development to deliver social and economic outcomes to drive wellbeing by creating quality employment and skills.’ 

  • ‘Community Wealth Building – Fair Work First and Community Benefits: Maximising economic and social benefits through procurement and commissioning, applying fair work practices, developing good enterprises, and secure supply chains.’ 

  • ‘Community Participation: Engaging with communities to understand local needs and requirements to help shape procurement policies, initiatives and contracts.’  

  • ‘Climate Crisis and Environment: Making informed decisions as we engage early with suppliers to create innovative solutions to positively respond to the climate crisis. Eliminating waste throughout the supply chain where possible. Act in a way that will secure net zero emissions through a Just Transition and promote a circular economy.’ 

We are looking forward to working with clients to navigate this new strategy and ensure that if procurement is the right option for your enterprise, then you are equipped to successfully tender. Contact us today if you would like to discuss public procurement support further.