Moray Climate Action Network Launches Today

Moray Climate Action Network (CAN) will officially launch on March 21st at the Join the Dots conference in Elgin. Their mission is to support the people, communities and organisations of Moray in a collective effort to combat climate change and build a more sustainable, resilient, and environmentally aware region.

The Climate Action Network builds on the success of the Climate Action Assembly in Moray. Originally pitched as a physical hub where people could come to access resources and support, it evolved into something much bigger. Harnessing the power of other local groups to create an interconnected network of organisations looking to tackle the climate crisis and highlighting the power of community-led action, Moray CAN provides grants to groups, educational programmes, and advocacy support, among other services.

Even though Moray CAN hadn't officially launched till today (March 21st), they were already creating positive change. Last month, in collaboration with Moray Speyside, they held the Sustainable Stories event. The event aimed to highlight the significance of sustainable tourism practices, shedding light on how collective efforts can contribute to preserving the beauty of Moray. Tourism accounts for a large portion of the local economy, so changes within this sector would have a major impact on achieving net zero goals.

One very exciting project they aren’t directly working on but are big advocates for is the ‘Under the Scissors’ project, a University of the Highlands and Islands initiative that is empowering hairdressers and beauty therapists to talk about climate action and innovation in the Hair and Beauty Industry in Moray. The impact this project can have on increasing awareness will be huge, and we are excited to see how it develops and hopefully rolls out across Scotland.

 We will share more inspiring stories from Moray CAN as they expand their reach.