Lifeworks launch year-long evaluation of success

Lifework Evaluation Launch

On the 30th November, our Development Officers, Kate and Kylie, travelled down to London to attend the launch of the RBLI LifeWorks programme evaluation at the House of Commons. This followed 12 months of in-depth and rigorous field work, focus groups,102 interviews and data analysis.

RBLI LifeWorks is a UK-wide free, four-day programme designed to support ex-Armed Forces personnel in transitioning to civilian employment. The evaluation explored in depth the challenges faced by veterans in their search for meaningful employment after leaving the forces. The research revealed that 64% of those who participated in the evaluation, found that mental health challenges have been a key barrier to getting back into work after leaving the forces. A further 38% said that physical disability and injury were a key barrier to obtaining meaningful employment.

The findings of the evaluation were striking, showing that 12 months after taking part in the programme 80% of veterans have moved into either employment, further education/ training or volunteering. The programme was also found to have a significant positive impact on participants confidence, self-efficacy and mental health.

"When you are struggling it takes a long time to be humble enough to ask for help. many charities tell you they will get back to you. RBLi call you right back and get you on the programme when you need it" (Lifeworks Veteran)

The event was a public launch of the Life Works evaluation held at the House of Commons, commencing with a welcome and introductions from Lord King of Lothbury. This was followed by speeches from two veterans who participated in the LifeWorks programme, sharing their own journeys and challenge's they faced adapting to civilian life and in their search for meaningful employment. Their moving stories not only closely echoed the challenges faced by many veterans and themes explored in the evaluation but also illustrated the tangible and lifechanging impact the LifeWorks programme has on individual’s lives. The event was well attended, with a diverse range of private sector organisations eager to explore ways they could contribute towards supporting veterans in their journey towards meaningful employment.

After the event Kate noted that she ' hoped that the evaluation and launch event will help to attract meaningful investment for this impactful programme. Personally, I found the field work and data analysis to be a fascinating experience.'