Doug Summers

Staff | Creative Team | Design Team

Doug lives and breathes branding and design, there’s no doubt about that. He knew early on he wanted to create art with purpose and has been the go-to-person for pics, posters and logos all his life. He studied Marketing with branding at University, gaining a degree with honours and continues to read and write widely on the subject. He found a niche in the fast moving world of the Glasgow music scene in the 90s and was inspired to delve deeper into Graphic Design where he qualified, excelled and developed an enviable and varied portfolio. He spent several years living and working in Hong Kong moving into web development and spent several years in high-end digital design.

Doug has great vision and is never short of ideas on clients behalf, immersing himself in their world. Since it’s inception in 2013 he has been designing for Bold and now leads the studio, helping a wide range of third sector clients to evidence their impact and strengthen their position through good intelligent design, branding, websites and more.