Erin Gardner-Young

Staff | Core Team | Development Team

Erin joined the Community Enterprise team in June 2023, bringing a wealth of academic knowledge and practical experience to her role as Research and Project Support. She holds an undergraduate degree in history and a master’s degree in social policy, which equipped her with excellent research, analytical, and data interpretation skills that are essential for her role with Community Enterprise.

Before joining Community Enterprise, Erin completed a graduate placement in the public sector, where she played an important role in service redesign. She organised and conducted extensive stakeholder engagement with various service users and third-sector organisations, an experience that has been invaluable in her current role.

Erin plays a key role in making projects come to life at Community Enterprise. She works with key stakeholders, conducts community research, and organises and hosts engagement events. Erin is dedicated to making a positive impact through her work at Community Enterprise and is passionate about improving services and communities for the benefit of all.

Areas of Interest

Demographics and Statistics

Impact Measurement

Digital Marketing