West Lothian Wellbeing Options Appraisal

West Lothian | 2023 | Commission

West Lothian Wellbeing is a partnership project, led by the local third sector, to improve mental health and wellbeing in West Lothian. It connects adults in West Lothian experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues with local partners which can offer support and advice.

We supported the Steering Group to take stock of what had been achieved so far and reflect on the lessons from that; and consider the best structure for the Project in future, including its legal structure.

We facilitated discussions with the group of project partners and interested potential partners, and undertook an options appraisal looking at different collaboration models and legal structures.

Preferred option for the future structure identified in consultation with the project partners

The project has now received funding for a further year


"I've had the pleasure of working with Community Enterprise in a variety of settings and they consistently deliver a high level of work and support. Its a delight to work with them and I highly recommend them."