Ruchazie Food Pantry

Glasgow, Lanarkshire

With nowhere to purchase affordable, fresh food locally, Ruchazie is the first in Glasgow to set up a Community Food Pantry, co-owned and controlled by its members. 

This was a collaborative piece of work with Ruchazie Parish Church, Move On, Glasgow Council, GHA, the Wheatley Group, Ruchazie Housing Association and the Poverty Action Group.

We worked with local people to put together an outline business plan. 

Shopfront open

Plans to replicate

Funding secured


“Working with Community Enterprise through Accelerate has given us the capacity to move from concept to project delivery. Without their help we would have taken months and we may well have given up. With their help the work we needed was done in weeks and we are now seeing our project flourish.”

Ruchazie Food Pantry