Business Plans   

Repairel CIC


Repairel is a social startup focusing on keeping footwear out of landfill and building community repair skills. We provided flexible support to the founder as ideas evolved, including help with staff and board recruitment and feedback on funding applications, and generally playing the role of a 'critical friend'. 

Board members recruited and funding secured for development officer to lead full feasibility study.


"This support was incredibly valuable for me and my enterprise and exceeded any other support I've received through my social enterprise startup journey both in terms of quality and quantity/depth of involvement. I probably wouldn't be where I am now with my enterprise (which is a pretty good place) without it and I am really grateful to the amazing work of the consultant and the support she delivered. She was the closet thing to a team member I had during this challenging time and it's hard to express how much it meant to me and how grateful I am to her for her support."

Repairel CIC