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Iona Village Hall Asset Transfer

Iona | 2022 | Accelerate

We have been supporting the committee of the Iona Village hall for some years.  Over that time we have undertaken detailed community consultation, completed an in-depth feasibility study and supported them with legal restructuring.  We spent 6 months researching the needs on the island and how this could be met in a new centre, and then worked alongside an architect led design team.

Over £2m in place

Asset transferred from the National Trust for Scotland

Village Hall opened May 2022


“Community Enterprise has been a fantastic ambassador for our project locally, which had the potential to be quite sensitive and emotive. They relate exceptionally well to people and have helped us to achieve an enormous amount so far. They have been personable, helpful, resourceful (when experiencing travel problems first hand!) and a great team of advisers. They have been supportive and informative at all times. We have found Community Enterprise to have all the professionalism and expertise needed but with added 'heart' - a team that is passionate about community development. Thank you.” 

Iona Village Hall