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Forgan Arts Centre


Forgan Arts is a Fife-based social enterprise that offers a huge variety of art and craft classes to the people of North East Fife and beyond. The core activities of the centre comprise a range of arts and crafts classes and workshops (from tapestry to painting to ceramics), kids' school and holiday clubs, informal creative groups, open days and events. Pre-pandemic they were open 50 weeks of the year and the classes are open to all.  They had huge numbers and a substantial waiting list. When the pandemic struck, the building and the classes all closed and they needed to adapt quickly. Community Enterprise, through the Adapt and Thrive programme, supported them to think through an appraisal of options. This resulted in the design and costing of a new and bespoke digital training platform that Forgan Arts will use when people are nervous to attend in person, but also long term to attract participants who can’t access their North East Fife Centre.

Though needing time to grow a different market, the new digital platform will transform their business model, opening up new and exciting opportunities for the charity.

New digital platform


"From the first phone call the support, advice and desire to develop a long  term relationship was communicated clearly. Community Enterprise delivered more than asked for and we look forwards to continuing to work with them and recommend to others."

Forgan Arts Centre