Business Plans   

Exploring Enterprise Ideas with Gardner Memorial Church


With an ageing congregation and falling numbers, Gardner Memorial Church decided to rethink its strategy and work out how it could increase its impact locally.  A big vision was developed which included taking a much more enterprising and community focussed approach.  They needed help to break this vision into more manageable stages and explore some income generating ideas: firstly, we worked with them to develop a shortlist of top ideas, then carried out mini feasibility exercises to look at how these might work in practice and what benefits they would deliver. Our report concluded with recommendations for them to consider.  

Income generating ideas explored

Better understanding of how to turn these ideas into reality


"The level of investigation and support by our Accelerate Consultant was outstanding and far greater than expected. Our final report was extremely comprehensive and thought provoking and well worth our participation in the Accelerate Programme."

Gardner Memorial Church