Business Plans   

Dundee Carers Centre's Employers Quality Standard


Self-directed support is Scotland's approach to social care support. Through self-directed support, disabled people can choose to receive a ‘direct payment’ to purchase their own care – often by employing a personal assistant. Dundee Carers Centre developed a voluntary accreditation called the Employers Quality Standard, to help give these employers confidence and reassurance that they are meeting their responsibilities as an employer. Community Enterprise produced a detailed feasibility study, showing the strong strategic support for the EQS concept; and then a business plan for roll out of this innovative support tool.



"Community Enterprise work on our project was of the highest standard. There was an understanding from the get-go about what we were hoping to achieve from the project and they certainly delivered in terms of the end result. Great communication throughout and patience, particularly as we started the project at start of the pandemic!"

Dundee Carers Centre