Creative Natives   

Creative Natives - Jodie's & Jamie's Story

Edinburgh | 2020

Jodie had accepted a place at Edinburgh College to study Art and Design. However, there were concerns regarding her ability to take up this place as her mental health wasn’t great and she was experiencing social anxiety and was very nervous at the idea of starting something new. She was apprehensive to come just herself, so her friend Jamie attended CN to support her in this new environment.

At first they were both very quiet but as the weeks went on they both became much more confident and started engaging with the other participants and as it transpired had mutual aquaintances with another of the participants and in transition which they felt very comfortable.

Jodie, worked on her Portfolio and now is at Edinburgh College to study Art and Design. While at the project, Jamie was also exploring his options for the future as he hadn’t decided what to do post school. Jamie is currently considering returning to CN on his own now that Jodie is at college.


"I really appreciated that you don’t hassle me to make a decision about my future. I feel I just needed the time after leaving school to look into my options and CN is so reat for that."

Jamie, Creative Natives Participant