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Carloway Community Association Asset Transfer

Carloway | 2020 | Commission

Community Enterprise has supported projects in Carloway for over 5 years from the development of the Neolithic broch to angling on the estate. We undertook open meetings and community consultation which led to a business plan to take on the centre as a celebration of rural Lewis life.

Business developed in a phased way

Scottish Land Fund approved and asset transferred

Community shop in first phase


"Community Enterprise has served Carloway Community Association well, both in the initial feasibility stage of our project and later in the development of our business plan. Knowledgeable, experienced and with a huge portfolio of in-house expertise Community Enterprise is well-positioned to offer quality professional support to local groups who are charged with developing community-owned assets. I am pleased to commend this organisation. The spread of skills and expertise offered by Community Enterprise is exceptional and helps to give confidence that their decisions and judgments are reliable."

Carloway Community Asociation