Asset Transfer and Building Development    Business Plans and Sustainability Planning   

Broomhouse Centre Community Consultation and Options Appraisal

Broomhouse | 2021 | Accelerate

Full and detailed research period and business planning working alongside an architect led design team.  We attended summer events, interviewed local people and built a viable funding strategy for this complex building.

Around £3m secured

Building opened October 2019


"The team were outstanding.  We would not be where we are without them.  I felt incredibly supported as a CEO and there was superb support for our steering group on the capital project, especially in the tricky moments where difficult decision need to be made.  As a result, at this time, we're on track for a new hub and community building to the built on time and on budget. I aim to help it stay that way of course!  Thank you to the team."

Broomhouse Centre