Anstruther Improvements Association Strategic Review

Anstruther | 2023 | Accelerate

The Anstruther Improvements Association aims to build a thriving and resilient community, improving Anstruther for all.  Founded in 1950, with the aim of protecting and improving Anstruther, Cellardyke and Kilrenny by members of the Anstruther community and has continued to be directed, organised and delivered by the community for the community, with a long history of supporting projects to improve Anstruther and the lives of its residents and those who work there.

The AIA has been managing Dreel Halls since January 2014. And is constantly looking for opportunities to make a difference and to make sure that Dreel Halls becomes increasingly relevant to the lives of people in Anstruther. 

The AIA Board is supported by a part time Development Worker who has helped to strengthen the organisation.

Community Enterprise facilitated a strategic away day to support the Board plan forthcoming priorities, action and funding.

Opportunity to reflect and agree on successes and challenges

Clear strategic direction


"Community Enterprise did a great job. They achieved a good level of understanding of our organisation very quickly and were able to guide our team to rethink our organisational strategy and plan for the future."

Anstruther Improvements Association