Asset Transfer and Building Development    Business Plans and Sustainability Planning   

Bigton Kirk Asset Transfer Support

Shetland | 2023 | Accelerate

Initially, we worked with the client remotely due to Covid; then, during a 2-day visit, Community Enterprise undertook detailed research and community consultation to ensure a new future for the church fitted with other community assets in the village.

Business plan and costed drawings produced

£64,000 awarded from Scottish Land Fund

Asset transferred to community


"We feel very fortunate that we were able to work with Community Enterprise and benefit from their experience and expertise. Their approach was pragmatic, grounded in a genuine desire to listen and to do the best for our community and they intuitively picked up on the areas where our group needed the most guidance. The feasibility study went way beyond simply presenting facts and figures and they demonstrated a genuine interest in understanding our community and building relationships. The impact and influence of their input into the project is much broader than we would have expected. We have learned a great deal from their support and hope to have the chance to work with Community Enterprise again in the future."

Bigton Collective